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We operate online dating websites with various localizations

International Reach

We operate in 5 countries, localized mainly on Central Europe.


We run general, niche and city dating websites.


We've been in business for over 10 years. Our knowledge, brand and our platform undergo constant evolution.

What we do

Almost every single knows Tinder, nowadays. However, many Tinder users are unable to find a match on the platform. That creates plenty of space for an alternative approach. How does our attitude differ from Tinder? The main difference is the unprecedented care and personal support that our users get.

Changing one’s life through a dating website doesn’t take place ​only through finding a relationship. That’s the ultimate goal. But ​the path is equally important. That’s why we carefully educate our ​users on writing messages, self-presentation or possible positive ​changes that improve one’s life and - ultimately - increase ​attractiveness for potential partners.

Our vision is to create a platform where personal growth and relationship-building go hand-in-hand. We envision a community where users not only seek romantic connections but also embark on a journey of self-improvement, gaining valuable skills and insights that enrich their lives beyond dating. By fostering an environment of learning and growth, we aim to empower individuals to become their best selves, thereby increasing their chances of finding and maintaining healthy, fulfilling relationships.







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